Beer running relay of the Auersperg brewery

8.5. in the area of the Žacké brewery Auersperg from 3 pm Beer relay Žáky-Čáslav route 5km The relay consists of five members, where each runs 1 km and then drinks one beer. REGISTRATION:   It can be a picture drink and text that says 'ZACKY AUERSPERG PIVOVAR ČÁSLAVSKÁ SPORTOVNI,z.S. BEER 0000 RELAY CROSS-COUNTRY KVẾTNA from 3 p.m. In the area of the Žacké brewery AUERSPERG 艾å美美å美å 5 members each member runs 1 km and drinks 1 beer entry fee 250 CZK I team Registration on facebook: čáslavská sportovní z.s. contact to the organizer: Dobricky 721 236 260 REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED ACCOMPANYING PROGRAM LIVE MUSIC'